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XConnector versions Bronze, Silver and Gold


The XConnector has three versions: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

With a Bronze license you can use data from Excel and CSV text files to generate XML files for Exact Globe Next®. Also data lookup and text modification functions can be used to complete your import data.

A Silver license adds some powerful functionalities to the XConnector like reading data directly from SQL tables, views and stored procedures, connect directly to the Exact Globe Next® import module1 and the ability to schedule and automatically handle your import activities.

The Gold license makes it even more powerful by sending data directly to the Exact Globe Next® entity1 or Exact Synergy® web services1.

Ask your XConnector partner or Explore-it for the current prices and which license suits your situation best.

      Bronze   Silver   Gold  
  Data sources and target systems  
    Excel and CSV data sources ü   ü   ü  
    SQL data sources     ü   ü  
    Connect to Exact Globe® import module     ü   ü  
    Connect to Exact Synergy® web service 1, 2         ü  
    Connect to Exact Globe® entity service 1, 2         ü  
  Functionality and automation  
    Split into multiple companies ü   ü   ü  
    Text modification functions ü   ü   ü  
    SQL data lookup and modification functions ü   ü   ü  
    Command line and scheduled import     ü   ü  
    E-mail notifications 3     ü   ü  

1) Relevant Exact Globe® or Exact Synergy® license module might be necessary to support this functionality.
2) Accounts, Requests, Projects, Cost centers, Human resources are supported. Other import topics under development.
3) Future functionality.

Doc id: 00.010.023